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ALLNET ALLPRIMAT16 / KVM Switch 16-fold PS/2, USB, VGA, 19"

Hersteller: ALLNET

Artikel-Nr.: 94345

Hersteller Artikel-Nr.: ALLPRIMAT16

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ALLNET ALLPRIMAT16 / KVM Switch 16-fold PS/2, USB, VGA, 19"

VGA, Maus, Tastatur, ext.Powersupply, Push Button oder Hot-Key-Select, OSD, Auflösung VGA:2048x1536, Tischgerät/19"-1HE Metall-Gehäuse Black, Stackable,

Console: 2xPS/2 Buchse, 2xUSB Buchse, 1xVGA Buchse

PC 1-16: je(HD-15 Buchse)

Daisy-Chain: 1xIn Stecker, 1xOut Buchse

1xext. Netzteil 9V 1A, 1xKascadekabel 0,1m(3in3, HD-15 Stecker -> HD-15 Buchse), 1xTerminator(HD-15 Stecker), 1xFirmware Upgrade Kabel 1m( HD-15 Buchse -> HD-9 Buchse),


. 16-port Rackmount USB-PS/2 KVM switch with OSD

. Cascadable up to16 units using daisy-chain cable

. Daisy-chaining distance up to a total of 30 M

. Port capacity scalable up to 256 PCs (16 x Prima T16)

. USB and PS/2 interface support on both console and PC side

. Support Microsoft and Logitech standard 5-key mouse and compatibles

. Computer selection and operation using front-panel push buttons , keyboard hotkeys and OSD Menu

. Support for DOS, Windows 95/98/SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7, Linux, MacOS, etc.

. Numerical LED display and LED indicators for easy bank/port status monitoring

. Active Sync Replication for DDC emulation

. Keyboard/mouse emulation to ensure compatibility to all machines and operating systems

. Extensive support for USB keyboards and mice

. One controller per port to keep keyboard and mouse alive

. Enhanced PS/2 mouse reset hotkeys for non-PnP OS such as Win NT 4.0 and Linux

. Buzzer sound for hotkey and port switching confirmation

. Autoscan period programmable 10 ~ 95 through OSD Menu option

. Password protection

. Auto-logout timeout support

. High VGA resolution 2048 x 1536

. PC side emulation module upgradable

. Firmware upgrade



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