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ALLNET ALLPRIMATU8 / KVM Switch 8 Port PS/2-USB, 19" Rackmountable

Hersteller: ALLNET

Artikel-Nr.: 94441

Hersteller Artikel-Nr.: ALLPRIMATU8

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EAN Nummer: 4038816944412


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ALLNET ALLPRIMATU8 / KVM Switch 8 Port PS/2-USB, 19" Rackmountable

The Prima 8/ 16 is an 8/16-port USB PS/2 Rackmount KVM Switch that offers 2 x transparent USB 2.0 device ports for easy sharing of high speed USB devices such as rescue disks or storage hard disks, etc.  The Transparent USB feature allows the server admins to perform server rescue task using the USB hard disks connected via the transparent USB device ports. Since USB devices become so popular, even servers on rack will need to tap to the USB resources to complete its required task. However, with the number of servers ever replicating on rack, it is critical that a limited USB resources will have more difficulty to be shared efficiently among many rack servers. The transparent USB device ports are designed to address this issue in that it can easily provide an efficient way to share 2 USB devices among 8/16 computers. Thus, it can add more flexibility and value to maximize your USB resources sharing among many servers/computers. A maximum of 16 units can be tree-chained to provide a total maximum port capacity of up to 256 PCs (16 x 16). Tree-chaining distance can be up to a total of 10 meters. The Prima TU KVM switch can be tree-chained with Prima TU IP KVM switch to provide remote IP access to users across Intranet/Internet.


· 8/16-port 19" Tree-chainaable Rackmount USB PS/2 KVM switch with OSD + 2 x Transparent USB 2.0 Device Ports.
· 2 x Transparent USB 2.0 device ports for server rescue task or simple device sharing.
· Tree-chainable up to16 units using daisy-chain cable.
· Tree-chain distance up to 10 M.
· USB and PS/2 interface support on both console and PC side.
· High VGA resolution 2048 x 1536



Product Description

8-Port Rackmountable USB-PS/2 KVM Switch w/ OSD & Hub, Tree-Chainable

Number of Ports


Number of Console


Maximum PC Connections


Console Keyboard Connector

PS/2 Female + USB Type A Female 

Console Mouse Connector

PS/2 Female + USB Type A Female

Console Video Connector

VGA HDB15 Female

Console USB Hub Ports

2 x USB 2.0 Type A Female

PC Keyboard Connector

Via Video Connector 

PC Mouse Connector

Via Video Connector 

PC Video Connector

8 x VGA HDB15 Female 

Chain Topology


Daisy-chain port Connector

HDB15 Female 

Chain Levels

PC selection

Push Button / Hotkeys / OSD 

PC port LED

8 (Green) 8 (Red) 

Analog Display Resolution

2048 x 1536 

Keyboard & Mouse Emulation


OSD Menu


Auto Scan Delay Time

5~99 sec 

Operation Temperature

0 ~ 40°C 

Storage Temperature

-20 ~ 60°C 


0~90% RH, Non-Condensing 

Power type

2.1mm Power Jack 

Power Adapter

DC 9V/1A 




408.5 x 164 x 45mm 

Safety / Emission




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