Makeblock-Beam0824-160 (4-Pack)

Makeblock-Beam0824-160 (4-Pack)
Makeblock-Beam0824-160 (4-Pack)
Makeblock-Beam0824-160 (4-Pack)
Makeblock-Beam0824-160 (4-Pack)
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Beam0824-160 (4-Pack) Features: One of the most frequently used parts in Makeblock... mehr
Produktinformationen "Makeblock-Beam0824-160 (4-Pack)"

Beam0824-160 (4-Pack)


  • One of the most frequently used parts in Makeblock platform, compatible with all makeblock motion and Structure components.
  • Made from 6061 aluminum extrusion, anodized surface. Excellent strength and twist resistance.
  • Threaded slot enables easy and flexible connection.
  • With holes on 16mm increments. and M4 thread holes on both ends.
  • Cross-sectional area 8x24mm, length 160mm. 
  • Sold in Packs of 4.

Size Charts(mm):




The types of Makeblock Beam0824 are as follow:

Type Length(mm) Hole Number Colour
Beam0824-064 64 8 Blue Gold
Beam0824-080 80 10 Blue Gold
Beam0824-096 96 12 Blue Gold
Beam0824-112 112 14 Blue Gold
Beam0824-128 128 16 Blue Gold
Beam0824-144 144 18 Blue Gold
Beam0824-160 160 20 Blue Gold
Beam0824-176 176 22 Blue Gold
Beam0824-192 192 24 Blue Gold
Beam0824-496 496 30 Blue Gold
Short Beam 0824 Pack 64,80,96,112,128 8,10,12,14,16 Blue Gold
Medium Beam 0824 Pack 144,160,176,192 18,20,22,24 Blue Gold
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