Makeblock-Me Orion(Base on Arduino UNO) V1

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Me Orion(Base on Arduino UNO) V1   Description: Makeblock Orion is an... mehr
Produktinformationen "Makeblock-Me Orion(Base on Arduino UNO) V1"

Me Orion(Base on Arduino UNO) V1



Makeblock Orion is an easy-to-use mainboard based on Arduino Uno with improvements for education. It provides eight RJ25 ports to connect to all the other Me series modules with color-labels, can save you from horrible pin-wiring and help you focus on inventor amazing projects. Makeblock Orion supports most of programming software (Arduino / Scratch / AduBlock), and we offer the customized graphical programming software (Scratch for Robot / Makeblock HD App).

You can also find Makeblock Base Bracket which is compatible with Orion here.



  • 100% Arduino compatible;
  • Comes with Arduino library for easy programming;
  • Support Scratch For Robot, cover all ages people;
  • Using RJ25 cable connect the Me series electronic modules, super easy to wiring;
  • Modular installation, and compatible with LEGO Bricks;
  • Two-channel motor driver integrated (Two channels additional with Me-motor driver through PORT_1&2)



    Operating Voltage: 6-12V DC power;
    Microcontroller: ATmega238;
    Detecting Angle: prefer at 30 degree angle;
    Dimension: 80 x 60 x 18 mm (Length x Width x Height);



  • Connect the Makeblock Orion and computer with micro-USB cable first. The first time you use Makeblock Orion ,you need to install the USB interface driver.
  • Makeblock Orion support PC and mobile device control.


User Guide:

Makeblock Orion:

Arduino IDE:

Scratch For Robot:

Makeblock HD App:

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