ALLNET 4duino Sensor IR Temperatur berührungslos
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ALLNET 4duino Sensor IR Temperatur berührungslos

Hersteller: ALLNET

Artikel-Nr.: 136717

Hersteller Artikel-Nr.: ALL-KS_IR_Temp

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EAN Nummer: 4038816060877

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ALLNET 4duino Sensor IR Temperatur berührungslos

1. IntroductionMLX90614 is a thermometer with IR non-contact.
TO-39 uses metal packaging and integrate chip of IR sensing thermopile detector and special integrated chip of signal processing. It features small size, low-power consumption, high integration, high sensitivity, high reliability and compatible with SMBus interface. It can be utilized to measure environment temperature with high precision and non-contact, and detect dead zone, and industrial-temperature detecting and control, livestock detecting, motion detecting , terminal alarm and ect.
2. Performance parametersWorking voltage 3—5V
Working temperature -40 — +125
Measuring temperature -70 — +380
Measuring resolution radio 0.02
Output I2C communication protocol



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