FriendlyELEC Smart210
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FriendlyELEC Smart210

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FriendlyELEC Smart210


The Smart210 CPU board is designed and developed by FriendlyElec. It is a Cortex-A8 embedded processing board that uses the Samsung S5PV210 System On Chip (SOC). Its maximum frequency is up to 1GHz. The S5PV210 integrates the PowerVR SGX540 graphic engine with hardware support for 3D and can drive video playing on screens up to 1080P. 
The Smart210 CPU board has 2.0 mm spacing double row pitch headers (P1, P2, P3 and P4) which connect the Smart210 to a carrier board and extend most of the CPU’s pins. Its size (74 x 55 mm) is bigger than the Tiny210 CPU board. P1 and P2 are standard configurations, and P3 and P4 are left for users. The standard version integrates 512M DDR2 RAM and 512M Flash (1G Flash optional) and can run Android, Linux and WinCE6. These features make it easily and widely used in MID development, Android notepads, auto electronic devices, industrial applications, GPS systems and multimedia systems




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