Makeblock-445nm 1600mW Blue Laser Module Engraver Pack

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445nm 1600mW Blue Laser Components Engraver Pack 445nm 1600mW Blue Laser... mehr
Produktinformationen "Makeblock-445nm 1600mW Blue Laser Module Engraver Pack"

445nm 1600mW Blue Laser Components Engraver Pack

445nm 1600mW Blue Laser Module Engraver Pack not only comes with the laser module used for creative engraving but is also specially equipped with relevant parts such as safety goggles, installation bracket, and screws, allowing you to use the laser quickly and safely with ease.

Engraving Graphic Display

445nm 1600mW Laser Module Engraver Pack can be used at different cutting and engraving intensities, according to the operation settings on the software, thereby allowing you to produce your very own creative work.



• Aviation-grade aluminum alloy, anodized with black color;


• Point-like light source, with adjustable focus (adjust using fingers);


• Can be used to engrave or burn plastic, wood materials, balloons, etc.;


• Can shine linear light beam up to distance > 5000m;


• Long-lasting lifespan: 6000h.




This laser module is compatible with software such as mLaser, mDraw, Benbox, etc. When used together with such software, you can engrave various designs on materials such as wood board, cardboard, leather, and acrylic.




1.Safety Goggles
During laser engraving process, the safety goggles can effectively protect your eyes from laser injury.

2.Velcro Sticker Pad for Laser Head
Sticking the Velcro pad onto to the laser module will prevent excessive laser light scattering during use.


Velcro sticker pad for Laser head: In order to avoid excessive scattering of laser, we specially designed Velcro sticker pad for Laser head. Only one step needed to install the Velcro sticker pad to laser head.


Wavelength ?= 445nm Blue Semiconductor Laser

Maximum Power: 1600mW

Laser Class: Class 4



• Due to high laser energy density, please ensure corresponding protective measures are in place;

• Do not look at laser light directly with naked eye, please wear safely goggles accurately during use;

• Do not irradiate others with laser light; do not shine light directly onto skin;

• Persons aged below 18 years old should use laser module with caution;

• Harmful gases may be produced during laser work, please maintain good ventilation.


Friendly Reminder:

The laser has separate positive and negative terminals. When the positive and negative terminals are connected reversely, the laser will not shine light. At this time, you need only to switch the connecting cables of the positive and negative terminals around.

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