Makeblock-Plate 0324-056-Blue (Pair)

Makeblock-Plate 0324-056-Blue (Pair)
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     What Are Plates? Plates are the most frequently-used mechanical parts which... mehr
Produktinformationen "Makeblock-Plate 0324-056-Blue (Pair)"

What Are Plates?

Plates are the most frequently-used mechanical parts which can be connected with various beams to build robot structures. Various diameter of holes on the plate also allow you to connect with bearings and motors easily. Plate 0324 series comes with different length varying from 40mm to 88mm for various building needs.

(Picture for reference only. please go through part list before purchasing.)

Feature Integration

Made from heavy-duty 6061 aluminum extrusion with anodized surface for long-time use;

Comes with various 4mm holes and 8mm holes that meet your different needs;

3mm thickness, high-intensity but light-weight.



This page is for Plate 0324-056 with length of 56mm. For other configuration, please search "Plate 0324" in our website.


Building Examples:

Size Chart (mm):


SKU 61232
Material 6061 Aluminum
Diameter of holes 4mm, 8mm
Cross-section area 3 x 24mm
Length 56mm
Package content 2 x Plate0324-056
Dimension (L*W*H)

56 x 24 x 3 mm(2.20×0.94×0.12 inch)

Gross weight 16g (0.56oz)
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