Makeblock-Beam2424-136 (Single Pack)

Makeblock-Beam2424-136 (Single Pack)
Makeblock-Beam2424-136 (Single Pack)
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   What is Slide Beam2424-136-Blue? Slider Beam2424-136 is a frequently-used... mehr
Produktinformationen "Makeblock-Beam2424-136 (Single Pack)"

What is Slide Beam2424-136-Blue?

Slider Beam2424-136 is a frequently-used mechanical part of Makeblock platform. There are various mounting holes and a threaded groove on the plane of this beam which allow you to assemble on other structures easily. This slider beam also comes with threaded holes on its two ends.


Compatible with most Makeblock mechanical components

Made from heavy-duty 6061 aluminum extrusion with anodized surface for long-time use

Cross-section area 24x24mm, length 136mm

High wear resistance and high intensity

Strong rigidity



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SKU 83454
Product Name Slide Beam2424-136-Blue (Single Pack)
Length 136mm
Cross-section Area 24 x 24mm
Gross Weight 84g (2.96oz)
Package Content (Quantity x Part Name) 1 x Slide Beam2424-136-Blue
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