Libelium IoT Kit "Smart Environment Pro"

Libelium IoT Kit "Smart Environment Pro"
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Smart Environment PRO enables the Air Quality Index (AQI) calculation, thanks to 16 gas sensors... mehr
Produktinformationen "Libelium IoT Kit "Smart Environment Pro""

Smart Environment PRO enables the Air Quality Index (AQI) calculation, thanks to 16 gas sensors providing extremely accurate ppm values and a high-end Particle Matter sensor.

Sensors of the IoT Kit "Smart Environment Pro" - Carbon Monoxide (CO) [Calibrated] (low and high concentrations) - Carbon Dioxide (CO2) [Calibrated] - Molecular Oxygen (O2) [Calibrated] - Ozone (O3) [Calibrated] - Nitric Oxide (NO) [Calibrated] (low concentrations) - Nitric Dioxide (NO2) [Calibrated] - Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) [Calibrated] (high accuracy) - Ammonia (NH3) [Calibrated] (low and high concentrations) - Methane (CH4) [Calibrated] – and other combustible gases - Molecular Hydrogen (H2) [Calibrated] - Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) [Calibrated] - Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) [Calibrated] - Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) [Calibrated] - Phosphine (PH3) [Calibrated] - Ethylene Oxide (ETO) [Calibrated] - Chlorine (Cl2) [Calibrated] - Particle Matter (PM1 / PM2.5 / PM10) - Dust Sensor - Temperature - Humidity - Atmospheric pressure - Luminosity (Luxes Accuracy) for Smart Lighting - Ultrasound (distance measurement)

Application examples: - Forest Fire Detection Monitoring of combustion gases and preemptive fire conditions to define alert zones. - Air Pollution Control of CO2 emissions of factories, pollution emitted by cars and toxic gases generated in farms. - Snow Level Monitoring Snow level measurement to know in real time the quality of ski tracks and allow security corps avalanche prevention. - Landslide and Avalanche Prevention Monitoring of soil moisture, vibrations and earth density to detect dangerous patterns in land conditions. - Earthquake Early Detection Distributed control in specific places of tremors.

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