Libelium IoT Kit "Smart Water Xtreme"

Libelium IoT Kit "Smart Water Xtreme"
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Smart Water Xtreme includes top market performance sensors from the most prestigious... mehr
Produktinformationen "Libelium IoT Kit "Smart Water Xtreme""

Smart Water Xtreme includes top market performance sensors from the most prestigious manufacturers for applications such as potable water monitoring, fish farms management, chemical leakage detection, remote measurement of swimming pools and spas, and seawater pollution.

Sensors of the IoT Kit "Smart Water" - Optical dissolved oxygen and temperature (OPTOD) - Titanium optical dissolved oxygen and temperature(OPTOD) - pH, ORP and temperature (PHEHT) - Conductivity, salinity and temperature (C4E) - Inductive conductivity, salinity and temperature (CTZN) - Turbidity and temperature (NTU) - Suspended solids, turbidity, sludge blanket and temperature (MES5) - Temperature, Humidity and Pressure - Luminosity (Luxes accuracy) - Ultrasound (outdoor IP67)

Application examples: - Potable water monitoring Monitor the quality of tap water in cities. - Chemical leakage detection in rivers Detect leakages and wastes of factories in rivers. - Swimming pool remote measurement Control remotely the swimming pool conditions. - Pollution levels in the sea Control realtime leakages and wastes in the sea. - Water Leakages Detection of liquid presence outside tanks and pressure variations along pipes. - River Floods Monitoring of water level variations in rivers, dams and reservoirs.

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