IMPINJ Mini-Guardrail (broadband)

IMPINJ Mini-Guardrail (broadband)
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Mini-Guardrail (Broadband) (13 x 7 x 2 cm) The Mini-Guardrail antenna provides a very short... mehr
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Mini-Guardrail (Broadband) (13 x 7 x 2 cm)

The Mini-Guardrail antenna provides a very short read range for a wide variety of applications. The small form factor and mounting holes support a multitude of use cases. Specifically designed for demanding item- level deployments, Impinjs Mini-Guardrail reader antenna operates effectively at read distances of 7.5 cm or less.

This antenna is the ideal choice for access control, ticketing, document control, high-speed encoding stations, packaging lines, or any application requiring high reliability and a constrained read zone. Because of its optimized short- range performance, the Mini-Guardrail antenna is virtually immune to the RF- transmission limiting effects of items such as liquids, powders, and metallic packaging.

- Strong near-field performance for reading tags at a distance up to 7.5cm - Small form factor - Weak far-field gain to minimize stray reads - Broadband design to enable world-wide operation

Requires 1 SMA to R-TNC cable (not included)

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