ALLNET 4duino Wireless Modul HC-05 Bluetooth

ALLNET 4duino Wireless Modul HC-05 Bluetooth
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4duino HC-05 Wireless Bluetooth module without baseplate B-62 (B41) Overview: Bluetooth... mehr
Produktinformationen "ALLNET 4duino Wireless Modul HC-05 Bluetooth"

4duino HC-05 Wireless Bluetooth module without baseplate

B-62 (B41)


Bluetooth transmission module can enable you to get rid of using cable for a serial port device and realize wireless serial communication within 10 meters. With the module does not require to know the complex bluetooth ground protocol. A few simple steps allow you to enjoy the comfort of wireless communication.

Bluetooth transmission module has only 4 at-command. respectively, there are communication tests, change name, change baud rate, change matching password. ON command must set of TXD, RXD signal pins, not via bluetooth channel. Device sending the command AT can use different types of MCU (for example, 51, avr, PIC, msp430, arm, etc.). It can also send a computer via serial port (PC serial port connected to MAX232 or USB serial port). Features of HC-05 Modul:

Core module use HC-05 slave module,interfaces include VCC, GND,TXD,RXD,KEY, bluetooth statepin(STATE),output low if not connected, high if connected LED indicates the connection status of bluetooth,quick flash means no connectivity,slow flash means entering ATmode,double flash means bluetooth is connected Wireless transceiver Sensitivity (Bit error rate) can reach -80dBm. The change range of output’s power: -4 - +6dBm. Function description (perfect Bluetooth solution) Has an EDR module; and the change range of modulation depth: 2Mbps - 3Mbps. Has a build-in 2.4GHz antenna; user needn’t test antenna. Has the external 8Mbit FLASH Can work at the low voltage (3.1V~4.2V). The current in pairing is in the range of 30~40mA. The current in communication is 8mA. PIO control can be switched. Has the standard HCI Port (UART or USB) The USB protocol is Full Speed USB1.1, and compliant with 2.0. This module can be used in the SMD. The board PIN is half hole size. Has a 2.4GHz digital wireless transceiver. Bases at CSR BC04 Bluetooth technology. Has the function of adaptive frequency hopping. Peripheral circuit is simple. It’s at the Bluetooth class 2 power level. Storage temperature range: -40 °C - 85°C, operating temperature range: -25 °C - +75°C Any wave inter Interference: 2.4MHz,the power of emitting: 3 dBm. Bit error rate: 0. Only the signal decays at the transmission link, bit error may be produced. For example, when RS232 or TTL is being processed, some signals may decay.

Technical Details of CSR BC417

Fully Qualified Bluetooth v2.0+EDR Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) compliant with v2.0.E.2 of specification for both 2Mbps and 3Mbps modulation modes Full Speed Bluetooth Operation with Full Piconet Support Scatternet Support 1.8V core, 1.8 to 3.6V I/O Low Power 1.8V operation 8 x 8mm 96-ball TFBGA and 6 x 6mm 96-ball VFBGA Package options Minimum External Components Integrated 1.8V Regulator USB and Dual UART Ports Support for 802.11 Co-Existence Support for 8Mbit External Flash

Package list:

1x Bluetooth transmission module,bottom board included,HC-05module 1x 6p 20cm long dupont line

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