Funktel Handset FC4R Med (IP65)

Funktel Handset FC4R Med (IP65)
Funktel Handset FC4R Med (IP65)
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Funktel FC4R Med FC4R DECT Medical Handset The DECT handset optimised for clinical... mehr
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Funktel FC4R Med

FC4R DECT Medical Handset The DECT handset optimised for clinical environments The FC4R Med is a robust and impact resistant Medical Handset that was specifically designed for clinical environments. All casing surfaces are covered with an antimicrobial synthetic film for best hygienic standards, and are extremely resistant to a wide range of common disinfectants.

With its slim profile and ergonomic keypad for glove wearing workers, the handset offers the best usability. The easy-to-read display with its highly intuitive interface allows for quick reaction times in case of an alarm. The sealed casing and robust components ensure effective protection against contact with water or damage from falling.

As log-on information and user settings, all call lists as well as stored messages are stored on a separate memory card, handsets can be used with great flexibility, allowing convenient transfer to another handset.

The FC4R Med can be used in all standard DECT systems that comply with the GAP/CAP standards, as well as in all integrated DECT systems.

IP-DECT Tough Medical IP65 Handset with Anti-Microbial surface Includes Battery, SIM card, clip, charger, power supply and user manual

Features * Antimicrobial germ prevention casing * GAP compatible * Display shows branding as background image * Robust casing against damage when dropped * Dust- and waterproof (IP 65) * Sturdy clip, separately screw-fastened to the casing * Modern design with colour display and backlit keys * Hotkeys for local directory with 500 entries * Mute functionality * Volume up to 100 dB(A) * Dedicated signals for internal and external calls * Discreet vibration function * MemCard (SIM-Card) memory for all settings, directory, calls and message lists - enabling easy handset exchange without loss of data

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