Funktel Handset FC4R Sec (IP65)

Funktel Handset FC4R Sec (IP65)
Funktel Handset FC4R Sec (IP65)
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Funktel FC4R Sec FC4R DECT Security Handset The security handset for optimum personal... mehr
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Funktel FC4R Sec

FC4R DECT Security Handset The security handset for optimum personal security Funktel introduces the next generation of robust industrial personal emergency signal handsets with integrated voice and data communication, based on DECT and designed to protect persons working solo or in potentially hazardous areas or situations.

The FC4R Sec comes with programmable sensors for four manual alarm types and four automatic alarm types. With localisation made possible through inductive localisation transmitters as well as DECT base stations, the FC4R Sec offers optimal protection to the wearer.

As the successor of the tried-and-tested FC1 series, the FC4R series handsets integrate perfectly in all existing Funktel DECT systems.

The high-resolution, illuminated colour display, the newly designed symbol-based user interface and the keys including coloured menu keys, which are also illuminated, make operating the FC4 extremely easy and a pleasure.

The battery can be changed by the user and offers state-of-the-art power management; the manifold configuration options for operation and signalling, messaging functions as well as extensive call lists make the FC4 series handsets extremely ergonomic, thus adding safety for operation and information.

IP-DECT Tough Industrial IP65 Handset with multiple alarm functions and localization Includes battery, SIM card (mem card), clip, charger and power supply

Features * 4 manual alarm types: big red emergency call button for emergency call alarm 1+2, separate button for warning alarm 1+2 * 4 automatic alarm types: position alarm, no-motion alarm, time alarm and loss alarm to identify attack situations * Localisation with inductive localisation transmitters (fine) and DECT base stations (rough) * Watchman control functionality with localisation display * Automatic safeguarding of device functions using sensor and localisation tests prior to use, 24-hour test * Individual programming of the alarm types, times for pre-alarm/alarm and for the corresponding signals * Complete integration of emergency call functions into the unit’s operating concept * High signal volume for noisy environments with additional vibration alarm * GAP compatible * Colour display, illuminated keys, symbol-based and colour-coded user guidance * Lithium-ion technology for long battery life * Degree of protection: IP65 * Colour display with 65,536 colours, shatterproof integration * Newly designed graphic user interface * Illuminated keys, non-abrasive, with coloured menu hotkeys * 20 MIDI ring tones, volume up to 92 dB * Individual signalling for internal, external and message (tone type, volume, duration, vibration, with temporary muting) * Hotkeys for local telephone directory with 500 entries * Self-replaceable, screw-on Li-Ion battery with exact level indicator * Diversity DECT antenna for better connection * Loudspeaker for handsfree talking

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