Funktel Handset D11R

Funktel Handset D11R
Funktel Handset D11R
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Funktel D11R Best audio quality and messaging functions Highly ergonomic and user-friendly,... mehr
Produktinformationen "Funktel Handset D11R"

Funktel D11R

Best audio quality and messaging functions Highly ergonomic and user-friendly, the Funktel D11R DECT handset combines professional speech and messaging functions with intuitive user prompting. With its clear menu structure and symbology, the D11R is easy to use in a wide variety of office environments. The robust casing ensures durability and long product life and the handset’s bright 2-inch colour display and illuminated, abrasion-resistant keypad ensure best possible usability in different lighting conditions. The D11R comes with an LED indicator to inform the user of missed events.

With its freely programmable softkeys, the D11R can be individually configured for a variety of one-touch telephony functions such as speed dial or door opening. The intuitive menu structure and the ergonomic navigation rocker ensure highly efficient handling.

IP-DECT Office handset with IP40 certification.

Battery, Clip, charger and power supply included.

Features: * GAP compatible * Bright 2-inch colour display * Over 200-hours standby time * Innovative user prompting with intuitive menu structure * LED signal and counter for unread events * Ergonomic navigation rocker * Textured sides for good grip * Freely programmable softkeys * Illuminated, abrasion-resistant keypad * Rechargeable Li-ion battery * Covered headphone socket * Easy SIM card replacement function

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